Monday, July 23, 2012


So I've been doing a lot of little character studies + environments when I can, just because I wasn't getting a hang of it before. Things like simplifying shapes and taking a less academic approach to the drawings are hard for me. Practice makes perfect! This rough is much inspired by Roxy, for those of you who haven't seen Roxy, she's a fox (literally) that I made for traditional animation class, I don't know if I will share the animation and character sheet, I didn't like it much. But it will be on my website (to be announced shortly).
Anyways, here's the ROUGH version of another Roxy. Just an angry bimbo at the bar.

Don't exactly like the way this turned out. But look! Process work!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kinda silly. I was trying to capture the look on the models face..... and translate it to an old lady.

LOVE the way this turned out, BUT I had a lot of trouble incorporating this into the background I had. I guess it was another issue of the amount of detail in the character versus the environment, I tried to do too much without thinking of how it would look. Once again, I'll get to some sort of a background for this...later.
Inspired by this ^

This project was to choose a known character and create an environment! I definitely think I could've laid off the pink a bit. I used prisma color markers and color pencils, with a bit of photoshop editing in the end. I had a lot of cool thumbs that I'll post....once found.

Character Design + Environment for figure. I like that it doesn't have much of an environment. BUT it would've been good practice to add one. Maybe later.....